The Business of Indie Music | @Lucy Peters | Excerpt from AMF EP 42 | Aakash Mehta


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    Lucy Peters, co-founder of Pagal Haina Label is this week's guest on AMF. Pagal Haina is a label record company whose strength lies in discovering, nurturing, and empowering songwriters with an eye on global reach. In this excerpt Lucy talks about handling artist and creating a symbiotic relationship to nurture them.
    In the full episode, we talk about Lucy talks about her childhood days and how the first time she learned about work ethics was from her father. She tells us how they reach out to new artists, and give them the space to create their brand of work. This while they assess the business value of the work the artists create. She tells us how to walk this tightrope and ensure that a record label company like Pagal Haina exists to have a thriving indie scene and much more.
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