🔴 T20 Series, INDIA ki HAAR ya JEET ft. Kumar Varun | #INDvsENG #T20


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    1. saket chandra mishra

      Comedy ki ma chodo

    2. ben qian

      The early piano periodically pull because attack critically soak worth a ahead barber. cooperative, left reason

    3. Adesh Atole


    4. Ghanshani Chirag

      I have a question for people about virat and his icc tournament win debate. I'm a huge Dhoni fan like mad But Dhoni captained India in 6 t20 wcs, 2 champion trophies, 2 world cups - thats a total of 10 and we won 3 Under Ganguly we couldn't win even 1 Virat has captained us in 0 t20 world cups, 1 CT and 1 wc Where we lost a final and a semi final. Why does everyone make a fus around him calling him probably a worst captain It's just because rohit is around and he has ipl titles?

    5. Rohan

      Bharat vs batania Cricket dharavhaik is adhbhud

    6. Nikhil


    7. Prathamesh Naikwade

      This was really calm and composed episode and genuinely enjoyed this one.. nicely done Aakash bhai

    8. Kajol Agarwal

      I am missing a lot of streams😭😭 I miss this

      1. Kajol Agarwal


      2. KuchBhiMehta

        We miss you too!

    9. Rishab Nayak

      Way better podcast then the previous one👍🏼

    10. Tanmay Deshpande

      KV is at zakir's place.

    11. Scooby Doo

      i think they're playing an additional batsman because we're missing jadeja; once jadeja comes back i think we go back to pandya at 6 and jadeja at 7 and we go back to six bowling options. jadeja and pandya are maybe the most lethal finishers in international cricket right now, i think jadeja according to his latest performances, is as good as a batsman at that position and logically because jadeja and washi are both a similar kind of bowler only one of them will play, it's also sad because washi and jadeja are both soooo good 😭

    12. Mayuresh Mhase

      I am big fan of rohit Sharma and his captaincy but kohli has not done so bad as a captain. India finished top in league stage on world cup 2019 and India lose to newzealand because top order failed not because of Kohli's captaincy.

    13. Akshath Shetty

      correct me if i'm wrong but hasn't the only world cup that we played under kohli's captaincy been the 2019 world cup? the world cup where we went to the semi finals? so seeing that he can't win an icc trophy feels a little harsh, or is this the vision that kohli's missing?

      1. 35 Soumitra Aghor

        He led us in the Champions Trophy 2017 as well. Yeah, he led well in the World Cup. But it is evident that Kohli doesn't have the vision of a captain. He hasn't been able to assemble a perfect squad in 10 years at RCB. He sometimes looks clueless when he is leading without Rohit. Ever since Dhoni left, the management has been taking baffling decisions

    14. Chaitanya Kochhar

      I just hope you guys keep upping your podcast game. Please do buy good microphones. Love the content otherwise 🥃


      KV's thoughts on Kohli's batting are just perfect. Kohli in form is just way above any other batsman.

    16. Danish Akhtar

      Just here for KV❤️, rest of the chodus live long and prosper.

    17. Binod Tharu

      Bro dhaval is going overboard seriously 🤣🤣 1st of all India is playing against England with full strength that too without jadeja, shami, bumrah, Natrajan... And Afghanistan is playing against Zimbabwe 😂😂🤣 Damnit how can you compare... Kuchh v Rashid khan, mujib and nabi ke alawa koi ni h utna effective

      1. Binod Tharu

        @Mohdaryaan Tariq but those 3 are more reliable as they play franchise cricket all over the world and these 3 are at world level

      2. Mohdaryaan Tariq

        @Binod Tharu No doubt Shaw better than Gurbaz I just corrected your statement that Afg team is not depended just on 3 players but it is a team game

      3. Binod Tharu

        @Mohdaryaan Tariq wo kya ukhad lega 🤣🤣 Waise players ya ranji me khelte hn... Prithvi shaw is better than him

      4. Mohdaryaan Tariq

        chal be Gurbaz to jaise Nepal se khelta hai

    18. Keshav Budhia

      I saw the matches for sometimes and I observed that there were no ads between overs and it's a vice versa situation in men's cricket

    19. Abhishek Khade

      really stress buster dosent feels like i am watching a stream.. feels like i m talking with my frnds...

      1. Sankalp Sahasrabudhe

        Except the fact that you get to talk with your friends😂😂😂

    20. Ananya

      Akash Mehta 🧔 is appriciting Virat Kohli 🙄😳🙄🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 NOOOOOOOOOOOO 😂

    21. Jose Menon

      "that's bit of a stretch" - KV's way of saying chup kar chutiye

      1. vivek sharma


    22. Subhashish Satpathy

      I think these guys(who say Kohli can't win a trophy) don't understand the concept of luck. India was the best team in the 2019 WC. Knockouts involve lots of factors. Just think how lucky both England and NZ were to be in the final and Eng winning the final. Also, Pakistan got so lucky to win the champion trophy. SA used to be the best team so many times and they too had great captains but never won a wc.

      1. KuchBhiMehta

        Really open thinking there man

      2. Nikhil

        India easiy wasn't the best team in 2019 WC..no,when u have an aged dhoni, inexperienced kuldeep,kedhar and shankar in the main 11,u can't call urself the best team....

      3. Sankalp Sahasrabudhe

        True. luck factor can also be proved by the no. Of tosses he wins😅😅

      4. Subhashish Satpathy

        @Anand Kumar If you support RCB, I am with you. If you don't then like others you are just a troll! You should be ignored :D

      5. Anand Kumar

        Abe EK ipl to jeete Ek bc ek 🤣🤣

    23. Jose Menon

      "Imagine you are touring and one joke and then six months of nothing" - essentially Akash Mehta's comedy career

      1. Akshath Shetty


    24. Chinmay Deshpande


    25. Chinmay Deshpande

      U are live

    26. Soubhagya Dash

      India legend won

    27. Soubhagya Dash

      U r

    28. Abhinav Pratik