Screenwriting Vs. Doing Comedy | @Kautuk Srivastava | Excerpt from AMF EP 39 | Aakash Mehta


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    Kautuk Srivastava, comedian, screenwriter, and an ex SNG member is this week's guest on AMF. In this excerpt, he talks about the process differences between screenwriting and writing and nailing a comedy set. He tells us how the stakes are very different for both of these things.
    In the full episode, he tells us how it was to shift from Mumbai to Thane in his childhood and growing up in Thane. He also tells us how he started supporting Real Madrid. We talk about Kautuk's novel Red Card and the process to finish a novel and much more.
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      I can watch kautuk speak for hours. Have been watching him since SNG days and now TISS which is going much smoother and lovlier. He's an awesome mix of intellect and sarcasm...🎉 Love from Bhopal!

    7. Cibin Thomas

      Hey Aakash, aren’t you friends with Kamra? Would love to hear his views on various topics. The one with Karunesh rocked, and I think you should try and get the other “comedy policeman” too. His off-stage personal life is way under-recorded. Edit: Also try Sumit Anand bro. Would love to hear from these people.

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      Kautuk is a genius of his field. Love his work ❤

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