Mimicry and Character Work | @Suresh N Menon | Excerpt from AMF EP 43 | Aakash Mehta


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    Suresh Menon a veteran actor, TV personality, and comedian is this week's guest on AMF. In this excerpt, we talk about Suresh sir's forte, mimicry. He tells us how it is a combination of voice acting and nailing the body language.
    In the full episode, Suresh sir tells us about his childhood in Mumbai and how the city used to be back in those days. He also tells us his journey of getting into the film industry and his experience there. We talk about how he met José and his journey as a comedian post that. We also indulge in a fun discussion about the two gods; God and Sachin Tendulkar and much more.
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    1. Viren

      Like kr vrna roadrash ke menu mein bhej dunga!! 🙃

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      Watching Phir Hera Pheri again and realized Mr. Menon's brilliance again

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      Legend man!

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      Suresh Memon and Sajid khan both I watched you from that time

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      Why don't you upload full episode I try to watch on your website but its buffering most of time

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    9. Arnab Patnaik

      Suresh Menon is a legend ! Thanks for doing an episode with him

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      Need full episode of this 😌

    11. Priyanka Gatti

      The first half was filled with so much nostalgia. Also, those who consider you people right wing clearly don't understand what right or left exactly is and it isn't always necessary to pick sides sometimes the grey is better than black or white.

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      सुरेश मेनन इस legend... 😎🤩

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      Love you Mehta loved each sketches from you❤️❤️