🔴 IPL Extravaganza, Pre IPL Discussion ft. Shashank


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    1. Harshal 100

      Bhai time stamp lagaya kar

    2. Sourabh Patil

      Tatti video 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Neeraj Bhagwat

      Why has Mashrafe Mortaza saved his name as Shashank Tiwari on zoom?

    4. piyush panda

      Will see you at the end of league stage!!!!😈

    5. piyush panda


    6. kishan thakar

      Waiting for part 2 🙄🙄

    7. Akshai Rajagopal

      Dei, Santner and Jaddu carry a similar skill set and the reason they took Ali is cause they need a mix of Off spin and Left arm orthodox. They didn't have an off spin option last time.

    8. Chaitanya Mukundan

      why so harsh on csk 😭

    9. Chaitanya Mukundan

      who said csk doesnt have a good pace department, they have nigidi, josh fukin hazlewood, deepak chahar and this tamil nadu guy called KM asif who apparently bowls at over 150 kmph

    10. shashank Lipate

      Quality of this channel is going backwards.

    11. Sayan Bera

      Aakash's internet quality is evolving backwards

      1. Sayan Bera

        @kj of course he is

      2. kj

        Look at his video I think he's trying some green screen fuckery in software....😣

    12. Scooby Doo

      you guys' are dead wrong about dube at RCB, he was messy, we needed someone at 5 and he just never took up the responsibility, the only match he did decently well was against mumbai when he hit those three consecutive sixes in the last over and MAYBE chennai when he had that partnership with Kohli, he did have a great domestic season though so i think him and tewatia together should handle their middle order, but he didn't bowl a lot at rcb either so i dont think he'll bowl a lot, i think the only match he took wickets last season was against hyderabad

    13. Scooby Doo

      jagadeesan and prabhsimran both had fabulous syed mushtaq ali trophy seasons, idk about prabhsmiran but jagadeesan ideally SHOULD get a chance

      1. Dhruv Garg

        I think Prabhsimran will get a chance ,not sure about csk as they have many options like uthappa,gayakwad,rayudu,raina etc.

      2. Scooby Doo

        @KuchBhiMehta he's an excellent opener i doubt he would be as good in the middle order, even last year CSK underutilised his potential

      3. KuchBhiMehta

        Yeah I think thats gonna end up happening he's backup middle order batsman right now

    14. sanjay rawat

      Truely said Mehta. People hate you because you speak shit. ♥️

    15. Sarvagya Srivastava

      Tbh I always find this dhaval irritating and he doesn't know anything.

      1. Dev G

        True! A lot of time he just gets things wrong

      2. Jose Menon


    16. Prathamesh Naikwade

      Probable 11 Mumbai :- Rohit ,QDk, Surya ,Ishan, Pollard, Hardik, krunal, NCN , R-chahar ,bumhra, bolt.(position 4 because spinner friendly and big grounds) Delhi:- Shaw, dhawan, ajiknkya , pant , hetmyer , stoinis, Axer, Ashwin, norkia, rabada , ishant.(position5 cause doubt on pant's captaincy judging by his DRS calls& less reliable batsman in middle in absence of iyer) Rajasthan:- Butler, Sanju, stocks, parag, dube, tewatiya, Morris,Gopal, fizz, tyagi, any spinner.( Position 7) top heavy Chennai :- gaikwad, uthappa, Raina, raidu , dhoni, jaddu, bravo, Sam, thakur, Tahir , Josh . (Position 3. Because motivation i.e last dhoni season, many inform players Gaikwad uthappa Sam thakur Josh.. batting depth , 7 bowling options which they lacked last year, unlike last year many replacement available for every single position.. in short last year 1 win away from qualifications.. and this year addressed almost all problems except Dhoni's form)

    17. Abishek S


    18. Patricia Perkins

      0:49 vot.today

    19. Nische Sharma

      Doesnt shashank looks like mortaza bangaldedh ex captain

    20. Aayush Parakh

      What the duck is up with Aakash's mic man please improve Hear disturbance with earphones

      1. Aayush Parakh

        @Prathamesh Naikwade I checked everything it is his issue

      2. vickram anand

        Yes, eske pahle wale show me v ye problem tha, n it's only when akash speaks ...

      3. Prathamesh Naikwade

        No man.. it was fine.. maybe your earphones have problem with high pitched voice ..

    21. TheAwesomePawan

      Mumbai Indians are going to win the IPL

      1. Aayush Parakh

        Let's see

    22. Raj Jadhav

      Rcb ka baat hi nhi kiya 😒 playing 11 ke bare me

      1. Prathamesh Naikwade

        They only did 4 teams .. RCB and other 3 teams will be on next Wednesday

      2. Aayush Parakh

        Next video me karega

      3. TheAwesomePawan

        They are not that good. Always letting down the fans

    23. A&D Production

      Hello hello

    24. Faisal Khan


    25. weird dude