🔴 IPL Extravaganza II: Covid aur IPL ft. Shashank


8 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼3

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    1. Rana Das

      Please chess bhi khelo. You are like the dead Superman of DCEU. The COB league needs you. Your chess career needs resurrection

    2. Aayush Parakh

      RCB will win first match

    3. sankalp datal

      Corona and more will defeat Mumbai.

    4. Akshath Shetty

      really underestimating dan christian's capabilities, absolutely beast finisher can handle the innings in case of a batting collapse and can also give you two or even three decent overs

    5. Mahi

      Bhai mehta ji dhawal ki dadhi bhadao wapis jab se clean shave hua he tabse kch bhi bol raha he dimag kam.hon gaya he bhai ka ......and knowledge na he puri he fir bhi being that disrespectful knowledge badhao thodi yaar

    6. Pravin Kumar Dutta

      Shashank is just so disrespectful.

      1. Aayush Parakh

        Not at all

    7. Vaibhav Bhatnagar

      Moises Henriques played for Australia in last year's T20I series against India, just FYI that's why he was picked. Similar case for Dan Christian who had a pretty good BBL

    8. Nische Sharma

      Shashank looks like mortaza

    9. DK

      Long form fantasy ka link dalo

    10. kishan thakar

      1:00:00 I can see fear in his eyes of bowling 😭

    11. Yash gandhi

      Guys y'all missed jhye Richardson for punjab

    12. MANO FEAT

      Selfish player rahul, playing for orange cap

    13. Tushar Panse

      Best part is 1:14:20 😂😂😂